Beginner's course in english

Kursustype: Grundkursus i Acem-meditation

Acem Meditation is a simple technique for relaxation, health and personal growth. Personal instruction and guidance ensure you get a good start. Group discussions help you share experiences and establish a meditation habit.

Grundkursus i Acem-meditation


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Lørdag 17 november 2018, 10:00
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Søndag 18 november 2018, 14:00


Acem Meditation can prove very beneficial to all stress-related symptoms. For the beginner, the most obvious effects are relaxation and increased energy. Many find that their ability to concentrate improves. Quite a few report improvements of their general well-being.

The beginner's course is over two days (one weekend).

 Topics covered include:

  • Brief introduction and personal instruction
  • How to establish your own practice
  • Scientific research
  • The psychology of meditation
  • From stress relief to personal process
  • Long-term perspectives

You learn how to use Acem Meditation for relaxation and stress management, and you lay the foundation for a fascinating process of self-understanding and personal growth.

All instructors have been through several years of training and have long teaching experience.

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Kurset arrangeres af Acem Danmark


Course duration is 10-14 both Saturday and Sunday


Merete Hetland

Født 1961. Overlæge i gigtsygdomme. Begyndte at meditere i 1980, har undervist i Acem-meditation siden 1983. Medlem af Acem Internationals faglige ledelse siden 2003.